Skyler Blum

Skyler Blum

Skyler da Blum, german painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect, tattoo artist, and engineer whose genius, perhaps more than that of any other figure, epitomized the modern Renaissance humanist ideal. His black and grey tattoo work are among the most widely popular and influential pieces of art in the modern renaissance. His notebooks reveal a spirit of artistic percision that are centuries ahead of this time. Skyler is said to have came out the womb with a crayon in his hand. Always fond of drawing, he decided to try his hand in tattooing around 2010. Skyler worked for Vato Loco Tattoo Studio back in 2012 and has since returned in late 2019. helping the local population look and feel better naked.


Eric Villarreal

Eric has been tattooing for 9 years. He apprenticed under Bob Shaw in 2009 Eric specializes in cover ups and reworks.

He likes bold, crisp lines and saturated color. He loves doing custom freehand tattoos and having the ability to draw directly on his clients. When not tattooing he loves to paint and spend time with his wife and 3 kids.

  @evilltattoos Eric is currently working by appointment only.

Marla Arredondo

Hello my name is Marla Arredondo. I was born and raised in Texas. I have started microblading January of 2019! "I learned a few things here and there about the tattoo industry being married to a tattoo artist.  My interest for art and tattoos grew every day but I can't draw for SHIT! I always liked watching makeup videos or see people put their makeup on, then I thought, ... what if I could tattoo it permanently? In December 2018 I took a microblading course, by January, I started a new career path. I sometimes think to myself, It's crazy I never thought of becoming an artist, but i'm here, learning to be a permanent makeup artist. I specialize in Microblading eyebrows. I am also pursuing, eye liner, lips, areolas, scalping, color corrections and camouflage.

•  @microblading_marla ] Marla is currently working by appointment only, she is also offering free consultations.

Permanent make up colors

Dorry Fuentes

Dorry,born and raised in Texas, has been piercing for years unprofessionally and has since joined the Vato Loco family in 2019.

“I have never really been queasy when it comes to blood. I used to laugh when people got piercings. So when I was asked to do them I was okay with trying it out and eventually decided it was something I wanted to learn more about professionally.” -Dorry
We use surgical steal jewelry. Prices include plain jewelry, upgrades available for a small fee for some piercings.
                                                                                                            Nose piercings are always $20!
                                                                                                            Nipple piercings are $40 as a pair only on Tuesdays!
                                                                                                            For any questions please feel free to contact me on the links below. 
                                                                                                            •  @1dream_girl3

Joseph Rodriguez (Apprentice)

Joseph Rodriguez, born and raised in Texas, has always been interested in tattooing. He started doing stick and poke tattoos as a teenager. He then started practicing with a machine around the summer of 2018. His art style is influenced by Chicano and dark art. Currently he is gaining experience and perfecting his skills as apprentice under Big Dawg here at Vato Loco Tattoo Studio.

•  @josephsclct

Daniel Munoz (Chuco)

Tattoos by David Munoz

tattoo artist ChucoOriginally from El Paso and raised in Arlington, Daniel Munoz aka Chuco has been tattooing at Vato Loco since the day it opened. Specializing in black and grey and realism, he is ready to turn your custom ink dreams into realities.

•  @danielmunozz Daniel is currently working by appointment only.

tattoo by chuco -  joker girl
tattoo by chuco - lion
cutter girl tattoo by chuco
clock tattoo by chuco
shoulder rose tattoo by Chuco
feather foot tattoo by Chuco
blue and purple roses tattoo by Chuco
flirty girl tattoo by Chuco
hush joker girl tattoo by Chuco
grim reaper tattoo by Chuco

Big Dawg, Javier

javier uneek inkBig Dawg, began tattooing in 2002 and has since made Vato Loco Tattoo Studio a Chicano destination in Arlington Texas. Big Dawg specializes in Chicano Tattoos, as well as American traditional, cartoons, bold lines, lowrider art, and gangster lettering.

"My favorite thing about this industry is the freedom," said Big Dawg. "I feel like I'm skipping school every day when I come to work and then I get to do art all day."

Big Dawg is currently working by appointment only.

tattoo by javier - cholo skull
tattoo by javier - faces
tattoo by javier - virgin mary
werewolf tattoo by javier big dawg
gun tattoo by javier
arm tattoo by javier


Tattoos by Warlock
Tattoos by Warlock

Shawn Delahunt, aka, Warlock, started his extensive tattoo career in 1987. A relative to Vlad The Impaler, Warlock has tattooed in 38 states and in 8 different countries.

"I have tattooed in Amsterdam all the way down Europe into Italy and then over to Thailand and Korea," said Warlock.

This world traveler enjoys tattooing fine line, fantasy, whole color photo-realism.


spider tattoo by warlock
seahorse tattoo by warlock
smoking skull tattoo by warlock
warlock tattoo - vato loco
warlock tattoo - vato loco chola
rose tattoo by warlock
kings tattoo by warlock
F tattoo by warlock
spiderman tattoo by warlock

Hector Delamora

rose tattoo by hector delamora
tattoo artist hector de lamora

Hector, has been in the tattoo industry for many years and came to Vato Loco about 4 years ago. He specializes in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, although he also likes to tattoo black and gray opaque style, which looks has creamy lines and smooth flow.

"When I'm not tattooing or spending time with my family, I am usually drawing up new designs for my portfolio, creating watercolor/acrylic/spray painted pieces, including my most recent hobby of painting custom skateboards," said Hector. "I’m always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of creative expression."


shark tattoo by hector
pizza cheat day tattoo by hector
dbz vegeta tattoo by hector delamora
owl tattoo by hector delamora