Daniel Munoz (Chuco)

Tattoos by David Munoz

tattoo artist ChucoOriginally from El Paso and raised in Arlington, Daniel Munoz has been tattooing at Vato Loco since the day it opened. Specializing in black and grey, he is ready to turn your custom ink dreams into realities.


tattoo by chuco -  joker girl
tattoo by chuco - lion
cutter girl tattoo by chuco
clock tattoo by chuco
shoulder rose tattoo by Chuco
feather foot tattoo by Chuco
blue and purple roses tattoo by Chuco
flirty girl tattoo by Chuco
hush joker girl tattoo by Chuco
grim reaper tattoo by Chuco

Big Dawg, Javier

javier uneek inkBig Dawg, 36, owner of Vato Loco Tattoo Studio began tattooing in 2002 and has since made Vato Loco Tattoo Studio a Chicano destination in Arlington Texas.

Big Dawg specializes in Chicano Tattoos, as well as American traditional, cartoons, whole lines, lowrider art, and gangster lettering.

"My favorite thing about this industry is the freedom," said Big Dawg. "I feel like I'm skipping school every day when I come to work and then I get to do art all day."

tattoo by javier - lamplight
tattoo by javier - cholo skull
tattoo by javier - faces
tattoo by javier - virgin mary
tattoo by javier - jessica rabbit
werewolf tattoo by javier big dawg
batman joker tattoo by javier
arm tattoo by javier
gun tattoo by javier
phoenix tattoo by javier


Tattoos by Warlock
Tattoos by Warlock

Shawn Delahunt, aka, Warlock, 43, started his extensive tattoo career in 1987. A relative to Vlad, The Impaler, Warlock has tattooed in 38 states and in 8 different countries.

"I have tattooed in Amsterdam all the way down Europe into Italy and then over to Thailand and Korea," said Warlock.

This world traveler enjoys tattooing fine line, fantasy, whole color photorealism.


spider tattoo by warlock
seahorse tattoo by warlock
smoking skull tattoo by warlock
warlock tattoo - vato loco
warlock tattoo - vato loco chola
rose tattoo by warlock
kings tattoo by warlock
F tattoo by warlock
flower tattoo by warlock
spiderman tattoo by warlock

Eric Villarreal

Eric Villarreal, 36, is an 8-year tattoo veteran who began his apprenticeship under Bob Shaw. Eric specializes in Neo-traditional tattoos and enjoys working alongside other great artists.

“I like working with other artists and pull inspiration from them and their art,” said Eric.


chucky horror tattoo by edwin

edwin winning tattoo awardEdwin Santiago Jr, 31, started tattooing professionally 5 years ago in Fullerton California, under Cisco Fernandez.

Edwin joined the crew at Vato Loco Tattoo Studio about 5 months ago and has since found his home.

"I'm interested in doing custom lettering and black and gray realism," said Edwin. "I have a graffiti backgrounds and so I love to crush lettering, gangster shit, like mixing of different fonts that create unique tattoos."


time tattoo by edwin
candy skull tattoo by edwin
burlesque dancer tattoo by edwin
candy skull stars tattoo by edwin
bull tattoo by edwin
joker chola tattoo by edwin
Gloria name wording tattoo by edwin
marylin monroe joker girl tattoo by edwin
blue rose rosary tattoo by edwin
chess piece tattoo by edwin
chucky horror tattoo by edwin


shadow ink master award
shadow ink master award

Shadow has been with Vato Loco since Day 1. Born and raised in Arlington, he has been tattooing since 2011 and doesn't intend on stopping any time soon. He specializes in black and grey tattoos, and has won awards for Chicano style lettering.


dutch wording tattoo by shadow
francisco tattoo by shadow
ayala tattoo by shadow
garcia name tattoo by shadow
delia name tattoo by shadow
car tattoo by shadow
rose tattoo by shadow
wing tattoo by shadow
IT tattoo by shadow
queen skull tattoo by shadow

Lee Soto

lee soto

Lee Soto, 31, Began tattooing at the young age of 16. After refining his talents, Lee found Vato Loco Tattoo Studio and has been creating beautiful tattoos for the last 2 years.

Lee specializes in black and grey realism tattoos and loves the freedom of the art.

"The freedom and the art is why I tattoo," said Lee. "My favorite part is going custom freehand tattoos."


wip rose tattoo by lee soto
moon wolf tattoo by lee soto
maria rose tattoo by lee soto
cowboy portrait tattoo by lee soto
baby portrait tattoo by lee soto
portrait tattoo by lee soto
baby portrait tattoo 2 by lee soto
Man portrait tattoo by lee soto
tattoo by lee soto
skull tattoo by lee soto

Hector Delamora

rose tattoo by hector delamora
tattoo artist hector de lamora

Hector, 35, has been in the tattoo industry for many years and came to Vato Loco about 2 years ago.

"I'm always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of creative expression."

Hector specializes in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, although he also likes to tattoo black and gray opaque style, which looks has creamy lines and smooth flow.

"When I'm not tattooing or spending time with my family, I am usually drawing up new designs for my portfolio, creating watercolor/acrylic/spray painted pieces, including my most recent hobby of painting custom skateboards," said Hector. "I’m always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of creative expression."


shark tattoo by hector
pizza cheat day tattoo by hector
arm tattoos by hector delamora
dbz vegeta tattoo by hector delamora
rose tattoo by hector delamora
skull pirate tattoo by hector delamora
raven sun tattoo by hector delamora
pope skull tattoo by hector delamora
elephant tattoo by hector delamora
owl tattoo by hector delamora