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For a Magical Tattoo Experience, ask for Warlock

Shawn Delahunt, aka, Warlock, started his extensive tattoo career in 1987. A distant relative to Vlad The Impaler, he has tattooed in 38 states and in 8 different countries. This world traveler enjoys tattooing fine line, old school color bomb, fantasy, whole color photo-realism and anything out of the norm.

Warlock currently holds a Blood Born Pathogen Certificate as well as a bachelors in dermatology and one in art. He was also a member of the former National Tattoo Association and Tattoo Machine Builders Guild (which are no longer around).

From needless and ink all the way down to aftercare, Warlock has continued to find fascination in how much the tattoo industry has changed over the years. One thing he finds baffling is how much more acceptable tattoos have become.

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