Vato Loco Tattoo Studio

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Artist Portfolio

Javier is born In Laredo, TX and raised in Chicago, IL (Little Village). He started drawing as a kid in the 1980’s, and in his teens during the 1990’s, he got into graffiti. Then he moved to Texas in 1998.

In 2000, his older brother got out of prison. This brother was always in and out of prison… So they reunite and start getting in to some crazy shit… Let’s not get into details… Haha… But in the midst of all the SHIT, Javier would tattoo the homies while they would smoke weed, drink 40’s
and hang with females. All this happened in Screwston, TX (Houston).

So just to keep it short and sweet he gave one of his home made pinta machines and here we are now.

Picked up a machine 2001… Started at a shop 2009 … Haven’t had a real fuckin job since! 🖕

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